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CarShopper4me helps the new car shopper get the best new car deal from UK car dealers.

2 million people buy brand new cars from their local UK car dealers every year!

CarShopper4me knows: -

  • On average people change their new car every 4 years!
  • On average UK car dealers sell 1 new car every day!

It's the Car Manufacturers and their UK Car Dealers sole purpose in life to sell you brand new cars and make as much profit as possible!

They invest millions on marketing experts and fancy "branded" showrooms to help market their selling experience. You just want a new car that suits your lifestyle at the best UK new car prices. Who do you think has to pay for all this? Correct, you do!

Buying a new car is often your second most expensive purchase after your home; your home usually goes up in value while a new car will definitely depreciate in value each and every year!

CarShopper4me exists for the single purpose of helping you choose brand new cars for your lifestyle at the best UK new car prices from your local UK car dealers.

Now you are here have a look at your options

  • You can read and inwardly digest all the free help and information contained in this website, use the powerful tools from My Toolkit to focus your choice and prepare a check list before entering your local "friendly" UK car dealers showroom, more commonly known in the trade as "the spiders web!"
  • Ignore your local UK car dealers and go on line to find a new car broker you hope you can trust, and buy from them. Sorry but they remind me of no frills budget airlines like Ryanair and Easyjet, somehow the price they advertise is not the price you finish up paying!
  • Or have an experienced Personal Car Shopper working for you by saying "I want CarShopper4me to help me choose the best new car deal in 'the spiders web!'"

Sorry if we sound a little biased in recommending the last option but please take your time. Have a good look round the website; browse my toolkit, read some articles below (when they are up and running) and make up you own mind. Why rush, you won't be buying a new car for another 4 years!

"When You are Ready to Buy a New Car CarShopper4me is Ready to Help"

New Car Buying Tips - How Not to Buy a New Car! - How UK Car Dealers Win!
How to Buy New Car - New Car Invoices - New car Discounts
New Car Incentives - New Car Rebates - New Car Rebates Incentives

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